CITIUS is a next-generation X-ray imaging detector based on the latest CMOS image sensor technologies. The typical performance is shown in the table below.

CITIUS 280k compact camera system specification 


Number of Sensors1
Sensor materialSilicon (Si)
ArchitectureIntegrating pixel, fast frame readout
Sensor Thickness650 μm
Nominal Quantum efficiencysee Figure below
Pixel size72.6 μm x 72.6 μm
Format384 x 728 = 279,552 pixels
Image Area27.88 mm x 52.85 mm
Noise60 e- rms.(equivalent to 0.018 phs.@ 12 keV)
Peak Signal1,800 photons @ 12 keV /frame
Saturation Count rate30 Mcps /pix @ 12 keV (for 600 Mcps option, please consult with us)
Max frame rate17.4 kHz
Energy range5 – 30 keV (for the operation below 5 keV, please consult with us)

Figure 1 CITIUS Detector Quantum Efficiency
(red line) Nominal Quantum Efficiency at normal incidence. (blue line) Nominal Quantum Efficiency at the incident angle of 45°.

Camera head

CoolingAir-cooled or water-cooled
Power consumptionTyp. 80W Max. 100W
Dimensions36mm x 96mm x 197mm
WeightCamera head - 1kg (TBC)

Edge Server

Power consumptionMax. 1200W
Dimensions3U rackmount 722.3mm x 430mm x 170.35 mm
Weight (TBD)

System Diagram


  • Camera Head
  • Edge Server with three Data-Framing Boards (DFB)
  • Control Software in the Edge Server
  • 30m Optical communication cable
  • AC Adapter for camera head